Love & Toys

Love & Toys started when a guy Name Dotan Sofer from Israel came out with an amazing idea provide soldiers who fought at the Iron Swords war in Israel, return back home with toys for their kids !

C.I.U. immediately joined the effort to source the donations , facilitate, pack and ship the toys from the US to israel.

The project came out as a huge success and the soldiers and their kids are so happy !!

Many thatnk to all the people who helped initiate the program and to the people who help running it.


The American Side:

Steven Eilat from C.I.U

The israeli Side:

Dotan Sofer

Hen Aliman

Ori Badichi

Aviram Ziv

Guy Knafo

Ami Parter

And all the volunteers who helped initiate and running this amazing project !

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